Involve consultancy project

involve consultancy project

The EFR Involve consultancy project distinguishes itself from the other EFR’s initiatives by its social and research focused approach. In the programme, twenty students apply their academic knowledge to practice and make a sustainable impact on communities that need it the most. This is done in partnership with an NGO or social enterprise that will guide and assist you in setting up the research. This project consists of three months of desk research (April-June), three weeks of field research abroad (July/August) and a final presentation for the partner (September). The previous editions have taken place all around the world: Ghana, Indonesia, Uganda, Peru, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya and Nepal. Each year, the project develops even further and its success continues to grow. Last year, the EFR Involve consultancy project partnered with the UN Refugee Agency, travelling to Uganda to look at the cost-effectiveness of the Graduation Approach, an approach used to alleviate poverty among refugees. The field trip will take place this summer. 

The Involve consultancy committee's mission has always been to focus on providing sustainable help to underprivileged populations. This goal was already reflected in the primary research question of the first involve project, back in 2012: "Can we set up a long lasting initiative that provides people at ‘the Bottom of the Pyramid' with clean drinking water?". A feasibility study was then performed on a Dutch NGO to determine whether pursuing projects providing clean potable water in Cameroon was realistic. The following year, the Involve consultancy committee sought to increase the scope of the project by becoming engaged in additional sustainability projects and performing research on clean water supply in Ghana. The team put a greater focus on the financial sustainability of the projects in new markets. In 2017, the team looked into the optimal product basket of Healthy Entrepreneurs, a social enterprise that distributes healthcare products, and undertook field research in Uganda. 

Find below the final research reports of the previous years:

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 20192021.

The 2020 project was cancelled due to COVID-19

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