Recruitment summaries

Interested in becoming a summary writer for the academic year 2022/2023? Send an email now to!

Writers are key factors to ensure the high quality of the EFR summaries. To secure these high standards, we are searching for excellent and highly motivated students that are ambitious enough to write top-level bachelor summaries that will be available to all EFR members (7000+). 

While we will provide the summaries for free to all members, you will receive a generous compensation for your work. One of the major advantages of writing EFR summaries is that you will actually be studying and earning money at the same time. Moreover, you will be making sure that your fellow students have access to the best summaries!

Positions available:

One writer will be working on each summary. The main task will be to find a balance between updating the old summary (if ever available) and adding new information based on the lectures, but also to check whether the summary complies with the EFR guidelines. The writer will work approximately 1 hour per lecture. 

Application process:

In order to apply, a minimum GPA of 7.0 out of 10 is required for the positions. For writers, it is preferable to have obtained an 7.5 or higher for the subject(s) of your interest. Note that summaries are all written in English and based on the IBEB lectures.

Send to
- a short motivation paragraph (max. 400 words) including potential subject preferences and the major you plan on following (if applicable this year)
- a summary of the TED Talk of Kate Raworth entitled "A healhty economy should be designed to thrive, not grow"
- your OSIRIS grade transcript with your GPA (or final high-school grades for first-year students)
- your CV

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