Topscriptie thesis support

Topscriptie is an inspiring consultancy agency, especially aimed at students who are looking for guidance in realizing an excellent bachelor's or master's thesis. 

Whether you would like help with your proposal, the structure your thesis or data analysis, our experts can help you. Also when you are experiencing motivational problems or fear of failure, we are happy to support you. The Topscriptie team consists of 50 professionals, experienced in both a business and educational context. 

Supervision is available for all sections of your thesis. Topscriptie can help you to set up a solid research method and questionnaire or give advice on possible subjects or themes for your thesis. If it is statistical analysis (in Stata/ SPSS) you are struggling with, they also got you covered. Supervision always consists of substantive, detailed feedback and hands-on coaching, for all aspects of the thesis writing proces you may be struggling with. 

We also offer inspiring webinars on a regular basis, bringing students we currently supervise in touch with those we have helped to graduate, establishing a community that includes both the worlds of study and business. 

EFR benefits
As an EFR member you will receive certain benefits on the services of Topscriptie. For example, Topscriptie offers a couple of free thesis writing workshops for all EFR members. Other benefits include a free consultation call and a 10 percent discount on the first 2 hours of our professional thesis help and coaching. You can contact Topscriptie to schedule a free intake.

 For more information, you can look at Topscriptie here! 


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