EFR/ESE job market skills (May edition)

The EFR/ESE job market skills offers you the chance to develop your soft skills and earn 1 ECTS credit. Through a wide variety of trainings, you will develop practical skills that will prepare you for the labour market. Not only will you gain a potential advantage during your job applications, but you might meet your future employer and you will get an official ESE skills certificate. In our last edition, the following companies and training agencies joined the course: Young Advisory Group, EY, Young Colfield, Turing Society, Rijksoverheid, GMAT Amsterdam, Careerstarter. 

Important notes:

- Only students who follow a bachelor at ESE will be able to earn 1 ECTS credit (excluding Fiscale economie bachelor students). Master students and bachelor students from other faculties are not able to earn this 1 ECTS credit.

- Subscriptions are based on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

- The final schedule of the EFR/ESE Job Market Skills is still subject to change. Participants will receive all information by email as soon as possible.

Subscription deadline: Friday 18th of May, 23h59

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