CANCELLED: EFR Inspiration Days 2020

This year on the 1st of April, the first edition of the EFR Inspiration Days congress will take place. With this day we aim to inspire, motivate and provide all students of Erasmus University with an insight into the successes within different disciplines. During the congress, inspiring and prominent speakers will discuss our theme through several interactive and plenary sessions. With this in mind we are proud to announce this year's theme 'power of performance' which will be supported by the three underlying concepts of: creativity, perseverance and leadership. This day will end with a our keynote speaker: Donald Tusk!

For the day there are two ticket options, a 'Dayticket' for 5 euro and a 'Dayticket + lunch round table' for 7.50 euro.

If you choose the last option your day will start with the "lunch round table discussion" 12:00 o'clock at Pompgebouw de Esch. Where 20 entrepeneurs and executives and 80 motivated students get the chance to discuss several topics about entrepeneurship while sitting at round tables and having lunch. 

After this the 'plenary opening session' in CB-1 will start around 14:00, this is the start for the 'Dayticket' and all students of the 'lunch round table discussion' will also join. During this opening the theme 'power of performance' will be introduced by an interesting speaker. 

After the 'plenary opening session', three simultaneous 'breakout sessions' will take place. Each session will approach our main theme from one of the three underlying concepts mentioned earlier by two speakers experts in these concepts.

Afterwards everyone will walk into the 'innovation playground' set-up in the C-hall where participants literally walk into the world of innovation and performance. Here all kinds of innovative start-ups and companies will show their latest technology and products and you get the opportunity to taste some new drinks and snacks. 

Around 16:20 the day will come to a spectacular end with our 'plenary closing session', the masterpiece of the EFR Inspiration Days. The closing will start by awarding our keynote speaker, a prominent world leader, the World Leader Cycle Award! This year, Donald Tusk will be awared with the award and will be interviewed by our host. Then, the paneldiscussion will start where amongst others Pieter Elbers (CEO KLM), Peter Stas (CEO Frederique Constant) and Peer Swinkels (CEO Swinckels Family Brewers) will discuss and share their vision on leadership. 

The day will come to an end with a drink in the C-hall!

For an overview of the day and all speakers, go to:

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