EFR Inspiration Days

The EFR Inspiration Days is one of the most prestigious events organized by students in Europe. We aspire to be the most innovative, society-aligned event that interactively connects and inspires students from all faculties. To meet our goal, we host an interactive congress with varying workshops and discussions relating to the theme of this year; Dare to decide! This theme is supported by three pillars: courage, focus and evolve.

With courage, focus and evolve we believe that you can achieve the best decisions in your everyday life. The goal is to show you the insights of a dynamic world from different perspectives. We plan to do this by hosting speakers from different (professional) backgrounds, who each walked down their path to success.

On April 6th 2022 you can question and discuss your ambitions and goals with people who left a mark on the world. It will be a day filled with captivating stories and inspiring discussions where you can contribute to. Whether you are in your first, second, third year or masters, it is never too early nor too late to get inspired.

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