EFR Sustainability Week

From September 6th to 8th EFR is organizing the first ever EFR Sustainability Week. During the week we will host several events, all related to sustainability. All events are on campus and for free, except the Biological Beer Tasting with alumni. You do have to register for every event by filling in the forms via the tickets on the right. 

Tuesday September 6th
13:00 - 14:00: Opening Panel 

The week will start off with a panel with sustainability experts on how companies can contribute to sustainability within our society. What are the efforts they're already making and what can they do more? We are very excited to announce the experts:
- Geertje Zeegers - Country Manager NL at Too Good To Go
- Jan-Willem Vosmeer - Global Manager Sustainable Development & Stakeholder Engagement at The HEINEKEN Company
- Piet Sprengers - Manager Sustainability Strategy and Policy at ASN Bank
- Marcel Belt - Founder of The Green Soap Company
- Jeroen van Loon -  Director Customer Solution Development at Vattenfall
The panel will be led by professor Elbert Dijkgraaf, who teaches and does research in Economics of Sustainability at Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

14:15 - 16:00: Sustainability Cases  
After the Opening Panel, you can solve business cases hosted by companies within sustainability on the theme "Managing Sustainability and Profitability". What challenges do companies face within their transition to a more sustainable business plan? The participating companies will be announced soon.

​Wednesday September 7th 
13:00- 16:00: Clothing Swap

As you probably know, the fashion industry is a major polluter. What better way to minimize this pollution than to exchange your second-hand clothing? Therefore we want to encourage you to hand in the clothes you don't wear anymore. For each garment you contribute to the clothing swap, you'll get a coin with which you can 'buy' another second-hand piece at our Clothing Swap. Stay tuned for more information!

Thursday September 8th
20:00-22:00: Biological Beer Tasting with Sustainability Alumni

Location: Pardoen (Spaansekade 62, Oude Haven), Entrance: €5,00 
At the end of the EFR Sustainability Week, we want to give you the chance to get into contact with university alumni who work within the field of sustainability. While tasting many different biological beers, you can talk with entrepreneurs and experts about their paths and careers in sustainability. We are waiting for more responses but are happy to announce the following alumni already:
- the 2 founders of Savvy, who sell tablets with which you can make your own soap, to minimize transport pollution and plastic packaging: https://www.savvystore.nl/over-ons/
- the founder of WEAR. WEAR tries to reduce the mountain of fashion waste by cleaning sneakers and selling refurbished sneakers. They offer people with untapped labor potential the opportunity to discover and develop their talents: https://wear-store.nl/

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