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Do you want to ski at the Olympic slopes of 2006? Visit one of the best ski resorts in Europe with your friends? Meet new people? Then the EFR Ski Trip 2018 is the thing for you! 
EFR's ski trip committee is organising an amazing ski trip which will take place from the 12th until the 20th of January. This year, we are going to Via Lattea, to a town called Sauze d’Oulx. Via Lattea is located in the Italian Alps and offers a great ski or snowboard experience for everyone!
This awesome vacation will only cost you €379,-*. Transportation by bus, accommodation and a ski-pass are included in the price. Please note: there are limited spots available! DEADLINE IS 13th OF NOVEMBER!

In the portal there is an opportunity to book one more day of skiing (7 instead of 6). This extra day would be on Saturday January 13th, but since we do not know at what time exactly we will arrive in Souze d’Oulx that day, we advise you to book 6 days. If you do want the opportunity to ski an extra day, this is on your own risk!

Information for participants
For this year's edition the EFR ski trip committee is offering you a nice sweater. You can purchase this sweater via "Buy ticket". You will receive your sweater at departure. 

Together with Sestrière and many other villages, Sauze d’Oulx is part of the Via Lattea International ski area which altogether covers 400 km of piste. The Via Lattea area, which is the Italian area, consists of beautiful slopes spread over 300 km. There is something for everyone! Also, you can choose one day to also get access to the French area which offers an extra 100 km of slopes.

Do not worry if you do not have any experience in skiing or snowboarding, you will be able to take lessons and there are lots of slopes for beginners as well!

Apart from the ski/snowboard slopes, Sauze d’Oulx offers many awesome après-ski facilities, nice restaurants to have a delicious meal after a long ski day and great nightclubs.Beer will only be 2,50€ for 0.4L at the closest bar from your apartment!

Throughout the trip, you will be free to do as you wish. However, we will organise group activities (like a pub crawl, FOR FREE!) for you not to get bored and to get to know each other better. By the end of the trip, you will have a large new group of friends!

Please send an e-mail to

*This is the price for EFR members and EUR students! If you are an EUR student and not yet an EFR member, you can become one on the EFR website for only €5! If you are not an EUR student and are interested in going on the trip, please send an email to

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