MOD commodity trading

Are you curious to explore what takes place behind the commodity trading scene?

For the first time, the Economics Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) presents “: Master Orientation Days - Commodity Trading Day” to you. It will be hosted on Wednesday, the 13th of March. This one-day event will take place on campus and it provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore the world of Commodity Trading and the master program that has been prepared by Erasmus School of Economics.

An ESE professor that has a background in commodity trading will give you a short introduction on what commodity trading is all about and the future career prospects that are related to this programme. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to listen and participate in workshops presented by two companies who both have extensive knowledge and experience in the commodity trading sector. To end the day, we will have a drink at the Pavillion where you get to expand your network with the participating companies and participants.

Are you a Bachelor student who is eager to discover more about the field of Commodity Trading? Don’t miss out the opportunity to join this event as only limited spots are available!

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