MOD port

Discover one of the largest ports in Europe: Port of Rotterdam in all of its glory!

Rotterdam is known as one of the largest port in Europe. there are endless opportunities in Rotterdam. Have you ever wondered how does the state of urban transportation, logistics, and modern cities combine together to build a well-functioning economy? This two-day event, which takes place on the 20th and 21st of March, will take you to explore the master programme at the ESE as well as career opportunities in port management and maritime logistics.

We will start the first day of the event with an introduction to Urban, Port and Transport Economics presented by a professor in ESE. Then, we will travel to visit two major companies.  On the second day, we will visit the Port of Rotterdam, who will take you deeper into the world of port management and maritime logistics, followed by the presentation and workshop by MTBS. After that, we will take a boat city trip to witness a wonderful city of Rotterdam, before visiting the head office of MTBS and ending with the social drink at Café Het Witte Huis.

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