11th lustrum alumni day

Dear old EFR committee members,

Next November, EFR celebrates its 11th lustrum. During the lustrum, several activities will be organised to celebrate the 55th birthday of EFR and to cast a spotlight on all of EFR’s achievements from the past five years. Of course the lustrum wouldn’t be complete without the EFR alumni. And because you have been a part of EFR before, we would like to invite you to the EFR Alumni Day during the lustrum, which will be held on Sunday the 17th of November.

During the alumni day we will have a golfclinic at Seve Rotterdam with a drink or two and after that a dinner at Eetcafe ‘t Keerpunt. 

So if you want to relive your committee member time, buy the ticket of just €15, -  Hopefully we’ll see you on the 17th of November! 

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