EFR full-time interest drink

Have you already decided what you will be doing next year? Are you looking for a special challenge? A full-time year at EFR might be something for you! This drink is meant for everyone who wants to know more about the Master Career Week committee or a full-time board year at EFR! After you are done with your studies for the day, you can join us for a drink in de Smitse.

EFR distinguishes itself by its diversity - in members, events and opportunities, and its rich history as the oldest study association of Rotterdam (1925). As an EFR board member, you will be carrying the ultimate responsibility of running an association welcoming over 7000 members and organising more than 100 different events. These events range from an election debate between Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders, ski/study/city trips and recruitment events such as the Erasmus Recruitment Days, which is the biggest on-campus recruitment event of Europe, or the Master Career Week which will be organised for the second time ever. Are you up for the challenge?

Another option for full-time experience at EFR is the Master Career Week committee. During the drink you can ask the board members and previous Master Career Week committee members what it entails to organise two weeks of activities with a large and diverse set of companies.  Are you wondering what it means to do a full time committee? Or are you wondering how this committee can help you develop yourself further in your time as a student in Rotterdam? Then join us on the 20th!

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