EFR buddy programme

Living in a new city and meeting new people can be difficult. However meeting new people and being social is important for your well-being. But how will you get to know someone new to go for a walk with, or have a study day with, or perhaps just text once in a while to chat about how you are doing?

EFR is launching a buddyprogram for all students of the ESE. By signing up you will be paired with another student and once you are in contact with eachother, it is up to you what you would like to do together.

To give you a nice first meeting, we offer all buddycouples who signed up before the 25th of Februari 23:59 5 euros discount on a coffee at Picknick during the EFR Well-Being week!

Between all the buddycouples who signed up before then we will also be auctioning 2 large JUMBO goodiebags, allowing you to have a delicious dinner together during the EFR Well-Being week!

So sign up, grab a coffee and get to know each other!

We ask all our participants to follow the regulations, keep your distance and stay safe.

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