EFR Strava Challenges

Is your body feeling sluggish from staying inside? Are you looking for virtual running mates?

Then participate in our EFR Strava Challenge!

EFR Strava Challenge is a 3-week event with one running challenge for each week. Each week, complete the task and share your results on Strava (available on iOS and Android). At the end of Week 3, there will be prizes (gift cards) for top 3 runners and for 1 randomly chosen participant*. Check the following for upcoming challenges.  And sign up to receive the Strava link.

Week 1: 5K challenge – Go out for a 5km run. (If you are in Rotterdam, we suggest you run around Kralingse Plas!)

Week 2: Walking Challenge – Simply go out and walk as much as you can in one week!

Week 3: 500m Sprint Challenge: Give us all you got! Run 500m as fast as you can! (If you are in Rotterdam, we suggest you sprint the Erasmusbridge from the northside to the top!)


All runners are welcome! Go out for a run and stay connected!


*To qualify for the prizes, a participant must partake in all 3 challenges and use the hashtag #efrstravaweeklychallenge

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