UPT Hamburg trip

Join us on a study trip to Hamburg. The port of this city is number 3 in the European ranking and is therefore one of the biggest competitors of the port of Rotterdam. A must to go here for every UPT student! Not only is this enormous port worth visiting, but also in the context of urban development this city is on the rise. Hamburg has more than 2496 bridges in the city, the city with the most bridges in all of Europe! With a view to sustainability, this is a green, inclusive, growing city by the water. Besides the sights in the city, we will also visit inspiring companies that might make you even more excited about (job)opportunities in the future!

This trip will only cost €75.00 per person. We will leave on Friday morning on the 4th of March and will be back in Rotterdam on Sunday evening on the 6th of March. This will be the first weekend of block 4, so luckily we will not have many responsibilities for university then. In the context of sustainability, we will travel to Hamburg by train (journey takes +/- 6 hours). Included in this trip are:

- Return ticket to Hamburg
- Accommodation for 2 nights
- Breakfast in the hostel 
- Dinner on Friday and Saturday 
- Trips and transportation within Hamburg

This trip is only for Master students of Urban, Port and Transport Economics. If we have to cancel the trip due to COVID, you will get a full refund.

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