AC citytrip: Budapest (Dutch only)


***This citytrip is for Dutch students only*** The IBEB citytrip will be announced soon!

Join EFR on our city trip to Budapest! The capital and largest city of Hungary, this is a trip you do not want to miss. With an old and complex history, the city is home to a vibrant culture. A peaceful boat trip along the Danube River, cuttin the nation into Buda and Pest, combined with the exciting (and cheap) nightlife in Budapest’s underground caves makes this the perfect after-exam week getaway. Fittingly nicknamed The City of Spas, you might want to pack your swimsuit for a relaxing day in some of the world's finest thermal baths.

The trip starts on the 4th of March and ends with us flying back on the 8th of March. As this takes place during the first weekend of block 4, it is the perfect time to join your friends without being bothered by academic responsibilities. The trip will cost only €129, and includes:

  • tickets for the flights from Amsterdam to Budapest and back
  • transportation from the airport to the hostel
  • accomodation for 4 nights (including linen and towel)
  • activities during our stay including a boat trip and parliament tour
  • one night of dinner

The outward flight is at the 4th of March at 21:05

The return flight is at the 8th of March at 6:30

The citytrip is open for all Dutch EFR members, so sign up now to join us on this amazing trip!

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