IBEB citytrip: Paris


Join EFR on our city trip to Paris, the capital of France and the most beautiful city in the world! This is a trip you do not want to miss! With an old and prominent history, the city is home to a fabulous culture. A guided tour through the Louvre, a city tour along all highlights, and and climbing to the top of the eiffel tower. 

The trip starts on the 11th of March and ends with us travelling back on the 13th of March. As this takes place during the second weekend of block 4, it is the perfect time to join your friends without being bothered by academic responsibilities. The trip will cost only €89, and includes:

  • round trip to Paris
  • accomodation for 2 nights
  • activities during our stay including abovementioned
  • one night of dinner

We'll leave in the morning of the 11th of March by bus and get back on the 13th of March by Thalys.

The citytrip is open for all IBEB EFR members, so sign up now to join us on this amazing trip!

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