EFR/EenVandaag Election Debate 2023


Who remembers the legendary debate between Mark Rutte and Geert Wilders during the national elections in 2017? You might not know that this debate was actually hosted by EFR. And this year the event is back!

On the 20th of November the leaders of six popular political parties among students will go to battle for your vote in the elections of the chamber of representatives (Tweede Kamer). They will argue about several relevant social matters including migration, climate and economics. Unlike the last few editions, which were hosted in Erasmus Aula, this years' edition will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy from 18:15 to 19:00. This national spectacle will also be broadcasted live on NPO 1.


Dilan Yesilgöz (VVD)
Frans Timmermans (GL/PvdA) 
Geert Wilders (PVV) 
Rob Jetten (D66) 
Pieter Omtzigt (NSC) 
Caroline van der Plas (BBB)

While all televisions in the Netherlands are turned to this political battlefield, you can attend it live in Rotterdam Ahoy! The ticket sale will open on the 25th of October at 15:00.

If you're not an EFR Member, a temporary membership can be subscribed to via the link here. The membership is free of charge and allow the registration of just one event, the EFR/EenVandaag Election Debate 2023. After a temporary membership has been subscribed to, you must still purchase a ticket for 12,50.

Important information:
- Doors open at 17:00 and close at 17:30 (might still change slightly depending on the exact planning of the event)
- A valid passport/identification card/driver's license is required!
- A ticket costs 12,50, with extra transaction costs for payment made via credit card/Paypal
- Student card is required
- No ticket = no entry

This event will be hosted in Dutch. Non-Dutch speakers are welcome to join.

* Tickets are non-refundable and strictly personal*

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