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Let’s invest in female leadership!

On the 15th of November the Kick-Off of Lead Your Future will take place on campus. The Lead Your Future movement is an initiative that aims to increase the opportunities of a new generation young women and their leadership potential. It does so by having 5000 young women coached by students of the Erasmus University. The Lead Your Future movement is a collaboration of the Erasmus University, Female Leadership Foundation, EFR and the municipality of Rotterdam. Please note: the kick off will be hosted in Dutch.

During the movement the participants are offered several activities that helps them in recognizing opportunities and in making choices with respect to lifestyle, study and career. Students will be inspired by prominent power women, from both the business and political sector. Besides, students get the opportunity to further develop soft skills in amongst other coaching, and to meet future employers.

During the Kick-Off we will host several prominent speakers; amongst others Jamilla Aanzi, she represents women in the UN and Juvat Westendorp, winner of So You Think You Can Dance.

Want to join the 15th as a student? Become a coach! 

Do you want to gain more skills in coaching? Be inspired by several prominent powerwomen? Or meet your future employer? Then subscribe here to become a coach!

By becoming a coach you will leave a great impact on society, meet several role models and get in contact with future employers who highly value women leadership. Besides that, by subscribing before the 10th of November you automatically get free access to the Kick Off on the 15thof November, and you will be part of a larger congress taking place in spring 2018 in AHOY. Moreover, you will receive an official certificate of participation that will be acknowledge by the university, the municipality of Rotterdam and several multinationals.

What we ask from you is a little investment of time; one training on coaching and two to three interventions during a period of three months, during which we would like you to gain information. Together with another coach you will be assigned to a group of ten to fifteen young women. Exchange student? No worries, you are most welcome to subscribe!

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