microeconomics masterclass (IBEB)

This masterclass is organised by EFR, which means that it is accessible for free to EFR members! The masterclass is especially here to prepare you for the second microeconomics midterm. Your teacher, Matthew, has given many exam trainings in challenging subjects, including statistics and mathematics. As an econometrist who has passed microeconomics with ease, he knows all the 'ins and outs' of micro and the exam.

A masterclass has a great number of benefits: not only will it give you a better understanding of some tough subjects of this course, but you will also receive a lot of tips from an experienced teacher. This will certainly help you get a better grade for your exam. Matthew will discuss some of the most important and difficult parts of the course and will do so at a doable speed. Additionally, he will discuss some practice questions from previous midterm exams. The masterclass will be given to a bigger group than a normal exam training and will be given in English.

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