As of September 2022, EFR has appointed two internal confidants. They are here for all EFR members in case they want to share or discuss something in confidence. The confidants have followed a specially tailored training for this role and speak both Dutch or English.Below, you will find their role and responsibilities, but also the authority of a confidant.

  • Firstly, everything you share with one of our confidants is strictly confidential, and the confidant will never share it with anyone else without your explicit permission.
  • Secondly, the confidants offer mainly a listening ear. Further action will only be taken by the confidant if explicit consent was given. 
  • Lastly, the confidant will consider and discuss all possible consequences of possible actions together with you. It is important to note that the confidant is independent. This entails that they are not involved in any investigation. 


Our confidants

Anna-Fien Botter

My name is Anna-Fien and this year I will be the Secretary & HR Officer of the EFR board, which means I am responsible for the association’s secretary tasks and everything committee member related. When I first started studying, I felt quite overwhelmed at times. How could I find a room, pass all my courses and have time for my friends at the same time? Next to these, there’s a minefield of issues you can run into as a student. If you ever feel like talking to someone in confidence (related to EFR or not at all), I'm always open to talk. 

Stephan van Eijndhoven

Hi everyone, my name is Stephan and I was the IT Officer and Secretary of the 57th board (2 years ago). After an amazing and challenging board year, I started my master’s degree in Financial Economics. At the moment, I am writing my thesis and enjoying my last months as a student. In my free time I like to have drinks with friends, train for my next marathon or plan my next trip to Latin America. Feel free to reach out if there is anything you would like to discuss! 

How you can make an appointment

Contact Anna-Fien

Phone/Whatsapp: +31637167370


Contact Stephan




If you are looking for help and support outside of EFR, visit the wellbeing portal of the EUR.

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