DSMA Git workshop Deloitte

Git your stuff together! (Git by Deloitte)

** This event is for DSMA students only **

Where should you store your codes? Is your desktop overflowing with R files? Deloitte is here to help! We believe in the importance and value of Git and would love to have as many of our students learn Git and its implementation. In a practical session of four hours, you will be able to learn the following:

- What is Git and why should you use it?
- Version control basics and Git
- The standard Git workflow (clone, pull, add, commit, push)
- Git strategies
       - Trunk based
       - Gitflow
- How to use version control on large(r) teams
        - Using PRs to tackle merge conflicts

The workshop is given by four data specialists at Deloitte Consulting. In accordance with the DSMA course coordinators, attending and learning about Git has shown to be very useful for Seminar Case Studies in Data Science and Marketing Analytics in block 3.

Important information:

Date and time: 7th December, 13:00 – 17:00

Location: Erasmus University Rotterdam, G2 - 26

*This event is first come, first serve! There is a maximum of 55 students, after this, you will be put on the reserve list.

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This event is only for students enrolled in the Data Science and Marketing Analytics (DSMA) masters.

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